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DM100 Tony Moly Face Mask Sheet

DM100 Tony Moly Face Mask Sheet

All the masks you need!  Choose from our best-selling masks to treat all skin concerns for any skin type.


For Everyday Hydration -

  • I'm Lavender Sheet Mask
  • I'm Aloe Sheet Mask
  • I'm Honey Sheet Mask


For Dull and Tired Skin -

  • I'm Pearl Sheet Mask
  • I'm Charcoal Sheet Mask


For Radiance and Elasticity -

  • I'm Rose Sheet Mask
  • I'm Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask


Why It's Good Hydrate and refresh tired skin with our sheet masks infused with natural ingredients.



• Made in South Korea • Weight: 9 oz (254 g)


Can't decide which one you want? Get them all in this amazing boxed set which includes 10 of our amazing sheet masks plus 3 of our awesome eye gel patches!  Makes a GREAT GIFT, too!

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