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PI100 Kitchen Boa - Various Designs

PI100 Kitchen Boa - Various Designs

SKU: PI100-KBoa

Beatuiful Kitchen Boas are the perfect gift for the chef of your house!


Do you or the chef(s) in your house find yourself in the kitchen cooking away when you need a towel.  Where is that kitchen towel that was left on the counter?  Oh wait, it's on your shoulder.  Nope, it fell off onto the floor.  Now you have to grab another clean one.  BUT, if you had a Kitchen Boa, you would know where that towel is - and you wouldn't drop it on the floor - or lose it while running around the kitchen cooking up something yummy.  Or maybe your a BBQ King or Queen and outside on the deck or patio grilling away.  Oops, you have dirty hands and need a towel.  Well, if you had a Kitchen Boa, you would be all set and have no need to go grab a towel from inside.  


Hang this kitchen boa around your neck and have a towel on each side at your fingertips! No more looking around for the lost towel or finding towels that dropped on the floor or ground. You can use this towel to wipe your hands, as a hotpad for handling hot cookware, drying dishes, grilling, canning and can even use used as fashionable "adult bib" when eating messy foods!  Makes a great duster, a baby drool wiper or kitty or puppy dog cleaner.  And, don't forget to get your significant other one because he or she can use it to keep their hands clean while doing all the tasks on that ever growing "Honey Do List" you have for him/her.  


A great gift for all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bridal Shower’s, Baby Shower’s, Housewarming Gifts, Parents, Teachers, Daycare Providers, Crafters, Pet Owners).

One size fits all.

Comes in a variety of patterns, themes and colors.  If you order online, you'll receive one "Random Pick" unless you contact us before your order ships and request a specific one.  If you shop in the store, you may choose your favorite patern, theme or color.


Pictures are examples of Kitchen Boas and availability of specific patterns, colors and themes may vary.

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