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Go green: sustainability and the future of shopping

I recently was talking to a friend about thrifting. She is always sharing with me how she finds some of the neatest things at thrift stores, garage sales and even on the side of the road. What someone else may no longer need or use may be just what you're looking for. Thrifting has been around a long time but is gaining popularity among various age brackets because of the benefits of sustainability and the benefits to the environment. A growing number of younger people are buying used instead of new today. I came across a great article shared about just this and wanted to share it with you. Next time you need or want something, instead of running to the big box store or hopping online to order from a major retailer, consider thrifting, shopping small and shopping local. All of us shopkeepers will be forever grateful for your loyalty and business - but you'll also be helping keep something out of a landfill, recycling or upcycling, reusing, etc. So many benefits! Check out the article I mentioned here:

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