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If you are interested in being a vendor at the upcoming Fall Market at Dothan Mercantile on Saturday, October 7, 2023, please complete the vendor registration form in its entirety.  Once you have completed the registration form, please remit your vendor fee via one of the methods listed on the registration form.  Forms and payments may also be dropped off at the store in person.

We held our first Spring Market in April 2022 and had approximately 42 vendors and food trucks/trailers attend.  This is a well organized event with lots of traffic.  We had approximately 700 people come through during Spring Market.  We expect the Fall Market may be bigger and better due to our recent expansion and our reputation within the community.  We also plan to increase our advertising for the Fall Market.


Fall Market at Dothan Mercantile

1514 South Oates Street (the market will take place behind the four buildings in our "back yard"

Dothan, Alabama 36301


Saturday, October 7, 2023

9:00am to 2:00pm

LOAD IN/SET UP:  Food Trucks/Trailers may set up night before or 6:30-7:00am (all must be in place by 7:30am to allow other vendors time to load in and set up.  Vendors (non food truck/food trailer) will load in and set up at designated/assigned times beginning at 7:00am.  ALL VENDORS MUST BE SET UP AND IN PLACE AND READY TO SELL BY 8:45am.


Vendor Fees:

Food Vendors:  $40 (Booth Space 10'x10', No Electric)

Food Vendors: $75 (Food Trucks or Food Trailers, No Electric; must be able to detach and move towing vehicles!)

Food Vendors: $100 (Food Trucks or Food Trailers with Electric Hook Up; must be able to detach and move towing vehicles!)

Other Vendors (No Food Products, Booth Space 10'x10', no electric):  $40


If you have any questions, please contact Rochelle at (334) 718-6784.  Rochelle is the ONLY person who handles the vendor questions for our pop up markets and she is the primary point of contact regarding any questions or concerns related to vendors and/or the pop up markets at Dothan Mercantile.  WARNING:  Please be aware that spammers and scammers exist and they may post on social media or try and reach out claiming to be able to sell you a spot or collect your money to become a vendor.  These people are NOT affiliated with Dothan Mercantile.


If for any reason we are unable to accept your registration, due to overbooking or any other reason on our end, we will gladly refund your vendor fee. 

If you cancel after registration, your vendor fee will not be refunded; however, we will allow you to transfer the vendor fee to a future event if you cancel before 9/15/23 before the scheduled event.  Cancellations after 9/15/23 or no shows on date of the vent, will not be refunded. 


Rules and Policies:

  • All animals must be kept on leash and under the control of the owner at all times.  No animals shall be allowed to roam freely around the event property.  Owners must pick up after all animals and properly dispose of all waste.

  • This is a non-smoking, non-vaping event.  If you must smoke or vape, we ask that you go to the far end of the property near Helen Street to do so.

  • This is a family friendly event - no foul language, rude or disruptive behavior, no selling of anything obscene, offensive, anything with nudity, or anything illegal, no loud or obscene music, etc.

  •  Dothan Mercantile reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave the premises if they become disruptive or do not adhere to the policies set forth and no refund will be given.

  • All vendors are responsible for obtaining whatever licenses or permits they need to sell within the city, county and/or state; and to collect and pay any appropriate sales taxes; and to provide liability coverage for any damage or claim arising out of their doing business as a vendor at Dothan Mercantile for the day of this event and agree to hold Dothan Mercantile harmless from any liability regarding same.

  • All food trucks/trailers and vendors must be able to disconnect trailers and park vehicles in designated parking areas.  There will be no vehicles parked within the event area (behind the four buildings).  Vendors must park in specific designated vendor parking as instructed by Dothan Mercantile.

  • Food trucks and food trailers may be set up and dropped the night before the event.  

  • Food trucks and food trailers MUST be set up and in place BEFORE other vendors begin to set up and load in.  If you arrive late, you may not be able to set up.  We will NOT move other vendors and vendor tents and tables to accommodate late arrivals.  PLAN ACCORDINGLY and ARRIVE ON TIME.

  • Vendors will be given specific set up and load in times to ease the traffic flow and make it easier for everyone to set up quickly and move their personal vehicles to the designated parking areas.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE FOR SET UP AND LOAD IN AND MOVE YOUR VEHICLE(S) QUICKLY AFTER YOU HAVE UNLOADED.  

  • All Vendors must stay for the entire event.  Do NOT break down or leave before 2:00pm as it is rude to do so and causes confusion for customers and loss of sales to your neighboring vendors.  

  • This event will be advertised and Dothan Mercantile will have portable toilets on site for the vendors and customers use.  

  • All vendors must provide their own tent, table(s) and chair(s).

  • All vendor spaces will be approximately 10' x 10' -- if you need a larger space, please be sure to let us know when you submit your information so that we can make accommodations. for you.


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